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Hear the Bearer of Words

Faith is the soul of any army; be it vested in primitive religion or enlightened truth. It makes even the least soldier mighty, the craven is remade worthy and through its balm any hardship may be endured. Faith ennobles all of the worlds the soldier undertakes be they so base or vile, and imports to them the golden spark of transcendent purpose.

Lorgar Aurelian, Primarch of the Word Bearers

Heya guys.

Here is my go on Lorgar Aurelian, the Urizen, Primarch of the XVII Legion, the Word Bearers.

I had a lot of fun on this model. Both like Horus and Fulgrim, this model had a lot of details, making it a very characteristic model. He has all the little details referring to the Word Bearers, and also to his history, like the Colchisian runes running all over his armor, the book on his right shoulder pad, a remembrance to the old ways of the Word Bearers when they were still known as the Imperial Heralds and the overexagerated amount of papers and scrolls hanging from his armour, all carrying parts of honours, wise words and such…

Also the runes carved into the rock give you the idea that he is already subdued to the Eightfold path, but they are also actualy Colchisian drawings, brought into the stone.

This was also the forst model for me on which I had to paint light effects. And to be honest, for a first time aaproach, I think I didn’t do bad.

Anyways, what do you guys think?

Greetings all

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