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Creating the battlefield

Hey people.

It’s been a very long while since I last posted something here. I’m sorry for that. Reason is that I took a break of unknown length from everything Warhammer 40.000 and Horus heresy modelling, painting, etc. But guess what…. I’m back!!

A while ago, I ordered some tiles from forgeworld to create a gaming board. Now, we all know that the tiles forgeworld sell all look very cool and detailed, and so you can imagine I was/still am a bit worried I can do these tiles justice looking at the amount details, both structural as well as enviromental. But guess what. I finished 2 tiles already and the comments so far are surprisingly exceeding my hopes. So I figured I would show you what I’ve been working on and see what you guys think of them.

First up is the Crashed Thunderhawk. I had a huge amount of fun painting this tile.

I chose to paint it in the colorscheme of the Iron Warriors, as these tiles will be mostly used for Horus Heresy games, plus I just love their colorscheme. The enviroment itself was painted in a more neutral look, not dedicating it entirely to a specific planet or location so the gaming board could be used to recreate all matters of battle missions, from the desolate wastes of Isstvaan to the sludge infested grounds of Tallarn and so on.

I hope you guys enjoy how it looks. More will be uploaded soon through the course of the coming weeks. I promiss I will keep you updated on this as much as possible.

Untill then, enjoy!