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Hail the Emperor

Heya people. I’m back.

In my last post I showed you guys the pictures of Kabuki Miniatures’s Celestial Knight AKA The Emperor of Mankind, from package to built model. Well, guess what, I finished painting it a while ago and personally I am very pleased with how he came out.

The model has a lot of delicate details on the armor, from top to toe. His cape also looks very nice. A lot of work in edge-highlighting and even drybrushing, washing and glazing went into the armor. Upon completion I think I used about 12 steps of painting until I was satisfied with the shade of gold and the blending of the colors and such.

The only adjustment I made to the made was swapping it’s original scenic base with the spare one I had lying around from the Horus model I convertd to Abaddon. In the end it gives a cool look when placing Horus and the Emperor towards eachother, as if in some epic stand-off.

Anyways I hope you guys like how it turned out. I am most pleased..




Chaotically ordered

Heya people,


It’s been a while since my last post. My apologies. Over the past few months I’ve been very busy with work (switched jobs last October) and caught up with a lot of personal issues that have now been resolved. But that doesn’t mean I have not been working on some Warhammer 40,000 goodness. Actually, I have been very busy with that as well. So let’s take a quick look at what has been done so far.

  1. Half  year ago I started with painting the model of Roboute Guilliman. That has been finished, though pictures will be made and posted in a seperate post, since I always give my personal view and experience on the Primarch models and want to keep doing it like that.
  2. Then, 4 months ago, I took on two paid commissions, one for a White Scars themed Space Marine army and one for a collection of Daemons of Slaanesh (and a Beast of Nurgle). These were finished and both clients were very happy with the results, as was I.
  3. The beginning of a new army!!!! Whut? Yes. 2 months back, a friend of mine was selling his models, for the reason of quitting the hobby because of the lack of time and money. So I bought these from him and until this very day I am trying to give them a nice paintjob. The first models I actually painted however, were the Tactical Marines from the new re-issued Tacticals set. A new addition to these mini’s were 32mm bases instead of the overly known 25mm, along with some extra parts and details (which are awesome!!). the change of base size gave me one issue. Every other miniature from my friend were still glued to 25mm bases, and as I saw no desire in breaking the models of completely, chancing to break the models themselves, I ordered some laser-cut MDF conversion rings (only 300 of ’em) for 30 dollars, which I think is a steal if you compare that 10 bases cost about 1/3rd of the price. Imagine buying 300, plus the fact that your models break while seperating them from the bases. I think I have stated my point. Anyway, I glued these rings around the original bases and personally, I think they are great. It adds a little more space to the bases, allowing for a little more details to be added, giving a little more support to certain models (metal, models with banners, models hanging over the base edge, a combination of any of said reasons). The only extra work it gives is filling up the creases in between the inner ring of the conversion rind and the outskirts of the plastic base, because the rings are straight edge on the in- and outside. But for the way I am basing my Space Marines, it is only ideal.
    Oh right, and I am painting my Space Marines in the colorscheme of the Blood Ravens. Bases will be made to represent some sort of ice/snowy fields, much like Aurelia. The picture below shows my first Blood Ravens model, a Librarian, which was actually the model for Tigurius of the Ultramarines. Base here isn’t done yet but the picture showing the Tactical marines has completed bases but the Marines missing their chapter and company details. However I am very happy with the result of how the Tacticals came out of this.Tacticals 1


  4. Working on another board, representing Aurelia.
  5. I also did 2 fun conversions a while ago. While I am a big fan of Chaos in it’s entirety and have always played Chaos Space Marines, I never liked the model GW supplies for Abaddon the Despoiler. In lore, he has bulked out even above Space Marines proportion because of the powers granted by the Chaos Gods, and he is wearing standard 40K terminator armor with a Chaos-y feel to it, while when reading books and lore about him, he was wearing Cataphractii Pattern Terminator armor, like seen on his model from Forgeworld. So I decided to convert a model to Abaddon, specifically Horus’s model. Why? I just love the way Horus’s armor looks (basically being enhanced Cataphractii armor to house Horus’ bulk). That being said, it would aslo perfectly represent Abaddon’s current stature, as he would have grown by Chaos boons and such. I added some bitz collected from a friend of mine, did some greenstuff sculpting (his entire back and the shoulderpads) and voila, I give you ”true-size Abadon”.  He was reposed and built following his entry in the codex, depicting him in his current state.

and then there’s the fact that the current Chaos Space Marines tacticals are outdated as hell. So just for fun, I ordered 20 Chaos Raptors and some Black Legion metal shoulderpads and started reposing these. Added some spare arms and weapons from other sets and voilá, Chaos Marines with dynamic poses and decent details, instead of the simple, static models GW currently sells. Only thing I still need to add are the backpacks, but seen as this is a fun conversion project, I am not much in a hurry with finishing these.12985619_10207605517714056_2959099255760461499_n.jpg

So that’s just a ”quick” recap on what I have been doing over past time. Hope some of you are still watching me, because over the course of the coming months, I plan to make pictures of some stuff that will be finished soon, and I think there will be some pretty interesting stuff between all that.

Hope I didn’bore you to much and to see you in the next post.

The Lord of Drakes

Heya people.

It’s been a while since I last posted something. I am very sorry. The last year has seen some major troubles, domestic and personal, so I had little time and motivation at that point to keep this up. But I am back, alive and kicking, and to jump right in, I got something for you.

halfway through this week I finished my next Primarch model. Here’s Vulkan, Lord of Drakes, the Promethean Son, Primarch of the XVIIIth Salamanders Legion.

First things first. THE DETAILS!!!! There are a lot on this Primarch. And as if that wasn’t enough, there had te be extra details on the details. Vulkan has several flame-shaped trims on his gunhand, chest and shoulderguard, which were first painted in several shades of gold, but then there had to be actual flames painted, as if those colors were merging with the gold. After a few attempts, I was happy with the result and used this on the rest of the details as well.

Then there the cloak, which should represent drake scale taken from the Great Drake he had slewn back on Nocturne. For this I started out with a specially mixed dark shade of green, washed and glazed it with washes and green glaze untill I was happy with the base shade, then drybrushed with a lighter green, and fianlly drybrushing only the bigger scaled parts with karak stone, to give it that sense that even the scale is starting to age.

But the base color of his armour was a trick. I didn;t want to go with just one of the basic colors GW supplies, so I had to mix the color from 3 different paints, covered the entire armour with it, then washed and glazed it with several colors of washes and glazes until I was happy with it.


Overall seen, I had a lot of fun painting him. It was a bit of a challenge for me, since I have never painted Salamender before and this model is just packed with details, but I think the result is satisfactory. What do you guys think?


Warhammer European Open Day

Heya people. Been a while. I’ve been very, very busy the past few weeks with my work and all.

But as promised (I know, a little late) here are some pictures I took at the event, and the first pictures is me with Simon Egan,  one of my favourite sculptors/designers of Forgeworld. everything after that is showcase of models and one hell of a table.


10689911_10203526155932561_8969223325323423771_n  10659230_10203526159932661_4870151242979769122_n 10649715_10203526156292570_4703684684845427227_n 10649530_10203526157812608_9104270847701304637_n 10646661_10203526158292620_2560084293096475726_n 10600485_10203526160452674_8808301194460546936_n 10568979_10203526155052539_2770590387709108241_n 10521900_10203526155332546_1590472101110110478_n 10521173_10203526153892510_2676934081683880760_n 1545990_10203526154172517_2320184847789212995_n 1545996_10203526155652554_7060488265090017663_n 1622242_10203526154612528_1258293873685714070_n 10389648_10203526156932586_5344672456693057034_n 10421613_10203526153092490_1217034774041303312_n

I had a great time. I came home with a Sons Of Horus canvas bag, a Legion Falchion 5 Justaerins with all the weapons and 2 Dimachaerons

Pictures will be uploaded soon (and yes this time I will upload them soon)

Greetings to all

The Angels Have Fallen

Heya people. This post will not be a WIP show-off or a post to show what I’ve finished, rather than what I have been doing. A while ago, I played and game of Apocalypse game of 6000 points against a friend’s Dark Angels Successor Chapter, Guardians of the Covenant. We had a lot of fun. I played my Chaos Space Marines Iron Warriors. What happened during the game, I cannot recall all of it anymore. In short, my only losses were:
1 Daemon Prince
10 Thousand Sons
11 Warp Talons.
1 2 Rhinos
and a few standard tactical marines
My Warhound Titan stood unscathed with all void shield generators replenished at the end of the game and my opponent took a hell of a beating, losing all his formations and his super-heavy vehicle, a Legion Fellblade.
At the end of the game, determining who had the most victory points, I ended up winning the game with a staggering 16 to 1 points. Something like that never happens to me!! But it was a really fun game. He enjoyed it, as well as I did.
Here are some pictures to capture the battle somewhat and to show you what units we had put on the table. IMG-20140516-WA0006IMG-20140516-WA0004IMG-20140516-WA0006IMG-20140516-WA0007IMG-20140516-WA0008IMG-20140516-WA0008IMG-20140516-WA0005IMG-20140516-WA0004IMG-20140516-WA0003

Bolted Down

Bolted Down

In my last post, I talked about using a bolt and nut to locking the two seperate body parts of my Warhound Titan together. So here are the promised pictures of my progress so far.
First, I took a drill (yes, an electric. Horrifying, isn’t it?) and made a hole in the body withing the joint where the legs part would fit in. I than took a nut and glued it in there. I had to push it in pretty hard, but I got it in. Next, I used superglue to glue it into place (hoping it will not fail me, ever) and using greenstuff, I sculpted a floor section on top of the nut, so it won’t be visible anymore inside the warhound. Than I made a ”pit” in the groin of the legs and put a bolt in it, filling the gaps underneath the bolt up, than using superglue I glued the bolt into place and then covered it up with Greenstuff, Now it’s just a mtatter of time until it’s hardened out fully. I do hope the greenstuff and the superglue are strong enough to suppert the weight, let alone the legs, because the torso is pretty heavy on itself.


on the picture below, you can see the leg section of the Warhound with the bolt standing out of the groin.

Titanic Force

Titanic Force

Yesterday, I received my Chaos Warhound Titan!! finally, after years of wishing for this model, but not having the money for it, I struck a deal at a buy/sell page. Got it for more than half of the original price. Guess I’m pretty lucky with that. Started right away with assembling the model. Everything is now built, with the exception of the torso-on-legs, the left leg-guard, the back and cockpit-cover, so I can basecoat it from within and without, plus the leg-guard will be basecoated in a white/grey colour because this is where the black-and-yellow hazard stripes will be painted on. the rest will be painted in a metal colour (mostly drybrushing it with leadbelcher) and golden trim. All the damaged places on the armour will be surrounded with blast-and-rust effects. But first, I have an idea for the base model. I will be putting a bolt in the belly of the torso and a nut in hte groin, so that I can ”screw” the two seperate body-parts together. In my next blog, I will upload some pictures to let you see my progress.

Oh by the way, the greenish colour on the legs is a layer of liquid greenstuff the previous owner had already painted on the separate parts.