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Creating the battlefield part 3

Heya people.

I’m back with another part of my current project. So far it’s been a lot of fun and it hasn’t stopped with the last 2 tiles.

The next tile I will be showing you is a little different from the previous one, meaning: this tile doesn’t represent a desert-located part of the battlefield.

I present to you: the Manufactorum. Now this tile is just packed with details. And the previous were already so detailed, but let me tell you, this is just gorgeous. From the massive manufactorum building at the center of it all to the small coolant valves and the energy generators on the side and back, this tile was just a treat to paint.

For the basic street I was going for a somewhat darker grey than what I intended for the building, so the tile was first painted in a medium grey, along with the building. Then, everythung EXCEPT the building was washed down with a dilluted black wash, 50/50 wash to water. Then, after everything was completely dried, I filled all the lines in between the  street tiles with a black wash. The piles of rubble were also washed black. Then, when all washes were completely dried, I drybrushed the piles of rock and rubble, and the building, with a light grey. This would accentuate the concrete structure the building has and bring up the level of debris.

After all that was done, I progressed further on details. Everything metal was painted with a mexium iron metallic, washed blue and then drybrushed angain with medium iron. The brass parts were painted in a medium brass, than washed with a brown earthshade wash, drybrushing it again here and there with the medium brass. The red was done painting it with a medium to dark red, then a crimson wash, followed by light drybrush of the same red paint and ultimately drybrush lightly with a medium iron metallic, ton gve it a nice, weathered, chipped look.

And then the only thing left was small detailing. Looking closely to board you will find all kinds of computer sscreens, buttons and such. So these were painted using z variety of colours, but not to much, as I didn’t want it to look like a rainbow fest gone mad. For the standard buttons, like keyboards and such, I used a white painted, while for screens I used mostly red en green, washing them with a dilluted wash of a matching colour. Even clear psints were used, though mostly only Tamiya’s Clear Red.

Ventilator shafts and such were painted using a medium iron metallic, washed with black and then drybrushed with medium iron, to give it a sense of depth. Then, when eveything was finished, the last step was environmental weathering, using the same drybrush specific paintnI used for the desert styled tiles. Mostly, thix drybrushing was focused all around the manufactorum, and from that base I just drybrushed some random spots, varying from big spots to small. Here and there, a variety of weapons were laying around, so these were painted in Iron Warriors colours to give a link back to the other tiles. And that’s it.

If you scroll down you will find the pictures of the Manufactorum. I hope you like as much as I do, because I just had a lot of fun painting them, and these tiles alltogether have been some of my best work I have done so far, if I may be so bold to say so.

Leaves me with 3 mire tiles to finish. And they are coming out really nicely. So I hope I will be uploading those soon.

Untill then, enjoy!