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The Angels Have Fallen

Heya people. This post will not be a WIP show-off or a post to show what I’ve finished, rather than what I have been doing. A while ago, I played and game of Apocalypse game of 6000 points against a friend’s Dark Angels Successor Chapter, Guardians of the Covenant. We had a lot of fun. I played my Chaos Space Marines Iron Warriors. What happened during the game, I cannot recall all of it anymore. In short, my only losses were:
1 Daemon Prince
10 Thousand Sons
11 Warp Talons.
1 2 Rhinos
and a few standard tactical marines
My Warhound Titan stood unscathed with all void shield generators replenished at the end of the game and my opponent took a hell of a beating, losing all his formations and his super-heavy vehicle, a Legion Fellblade.
At the end of the game, determining who had the most victory points, I ended up winning the game with a staggering 16 to 1 points. Something like that never happens to me!! But it was a really fun game. He enjoyed it, as well as I did.
Here are some pictures to capture the battle somewhat and to show you what units we had put on the table. IMG-20140516-WA0006IMG-20140516-WA0004IMG-20140516-WA0006IMG-20140516-WA0007IMG-20140516-WA0008IMG-20140516-WA0008IMG-20140516-WA0005IMG-20140516-WA0004IMG-20140516-WA0003


A word of Introduction

Hello visitors to this blog.

This is my first blog ever and to all who are reading this, thank you for taking the time to visit.

First, I believe, an introduction is in order.

My name is Pascal (from this point on known as TheHiveLord.) I am from the Netherlands, born in Februari 1991 (at this point I am still 22). I have been thinking about keeping up a blog around my hobbies. And this blog will be containing pictures on my biggest and dearest hobby so far: Warhammer 40.000. I play with Tyranids and Iron Warriors Chaos Space Marines, and in the time coming, I will be uploading pictures and a few videos on my projects concerning building, converting and painting models for my two armies. There may even be some short stories around my creatures and soldiers that I’m planning on writing that will eventually be uploaded here. Long story short, everything that has to do with my Tyranids and Iron Warriors will be posted here.

Aside from this, I have a small army of Tau Empire and Space Marines: Raven Guard, but I am planning on selling them for the purpose of financing expansions of my favorite armies, which are, you guessed it, Tyranids and Chaos Space Marines.

About my armies:

Chaos Space Marines:

Size: 14,846 points, Colourscheme: Iron Warriors. Containing numerous GW models, a few Forgeworld models and since a few days, a Warhound Titan.


Size: around 18,400. Colourscheme: Hive Fleet Behemoth/Splinterfleet of… Containing numerous GW models, a decent amount of FW models and a Hierophant Bio-Titan and Barbed Hierodule.

I hope that you as reader will like my blog, as fellow hobbyist can use anything on painting and converting steps I use, or as searcher, find inspiration for your own works.

My sincere greetings, and hopefully you will see my first actual blog update about my armies soon.