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Fresh from the Forge

Heya people.

A while ago, I was talking about starting a Sons of Horus army. Since a week or so, that project has finally started. The first models are already in my possession and I started painting them. When finished I will upload pictures. But for now I have something different to show you.

A Storm Eagle is on it’s way and as I want it to be fully dedicated to the Warmaster’s forces, I’d love nothing more than it to be adorned with the iconography of the XVI Legion. Unfortunately, Forgeworld does not sell Sons Of Horus Land Raider Doors.
A few days ago, I received my Blu Stuff order. It allows me to make molds, so I can reproduce anything I want. So I started working on my Land Raider Doors. And this is what came out. 20140806_050848
To test-fit it, I put it on my Chaos Land Raider and as you can see, it fits pretty well. Just need to get the dose of greenstuff right. But I am very pleased that the mold was doing it’s job.
So in the future, I can fit my own homemade Land Raider doors in any vehicle that requires them to really personalize the army.

I hope you guys like it. Tell me what you think.

Untill next time


Hail the Warmaster!

“You are like a son and together we have all but conquered the galaxy. Now the time has come for me to retire to Terra. My work as a soldier is done and now passes to you for I have great tasks to perform in my earthly sanctum. I name you Warmaster and from this day forth all of my armies and generals shall take orders from you as if the words came from mine own mouth. But words of caution I have for you, for your brother Primarchs are strong of will, of thought and of action. Do not seek to change them, but use their particular strengths well. You have much work to do, for there are still many words to liberate, many peoples to rescue. My trust is with you. Hail Horus! Hail the Warmaster!”
—The Emperor of Mankind, during the Triumph of Ullanor

After a 20 hour paint session I finished him. The one and only Horus Lupercal, The Warmaster of Mankind, The first found son, Primarch of the Sons of Horus/Luna Wolves and Arch-Traitor to the Imperium. Been having a lot of fun painting him. The details on Horus are breathtaking, the model itself looks like he could step from the statue any time.
Being one of my favorite Primarchs of all time, I just couldn’t resist buying the model and painting him up to the best of my ability. And it was worth it. The result, I think, is just stunning. Never have I ever put down so much work and brought so much detail to life.
I hope you like how he looks, because to me, he is ready to put the galaxy aflame!!