The Avenger Rising (pt2)

Heya people.  So after 4,5 months or hard, tireless work, many customization and so forth, I am finally done working on my Star Destroyer.

Below are some pictures to show you the progress on the model. I first tested all the lights one final time before covering them with tape. After finishing off all the details on both the bottom and top pieces of the ship, I primered them completely with a black spraypaint. I then basecoated them with a light grey, going over them multiple times to get a nice solid coat, but letting it fade a little by the black undercoat so they would get a nice weathered tone. I then started picking out random panels on the ship, painting those in a slightly darker grey tone. After all the paints were completely dry, I put the pieces outside. Mixing your everyday standard black acrylic paint with a lot of water, I used this as a shade. Both pieces were completely covered in the home-made shade. With a waterspray I kept the model wet so the shade wouldn’t dry too fast before I could cover the entire piece. Once all of it was covered with the shade, I left it for a few minutes so it could properly settle into all the recesses, the whiping it all off with a microfiber rag. The shade will stay in the recesses, bringing out all those nice details like the scribing and giving a nice shade effect in all the little corners and tight spots. I repeated this process about 3 times per piece, comparing both pieces to make sure the shading and tone of the color was as close to eachother as possible. Once that was done, I left them to dry outside. I then began connected the last lights, which were in the engine section. After a final test, making sure all the lights still worked, I removed the tape and startes adding all the fiber optics into every hole I drilled. With that done, the ship was almost ready for final assembly.

I put on the lights, put the top on the bottom piece and started checking for any spots where the light was shining through where it wasn’t supposed to, filling those spots with pieces of plastic or even greenstuff, painting them with a grey closest to the shade of grey that the ship was painted in.

I lost count on how many times I put the ship together and take it out of eachother again. But eventually I got all the spots covered and then it was time for final assembly. On the last picture you can see how many glueing clamps I needed to secure this thing. The amount of pressure exercised on it got me a little worried. But it had to be done. I left the glue to dry while I was working. And when I came back and took of the clamps, it was done. The ship was assembled.




Down here I have put the pictures of the Star Destroyer, completely finished, including a handmade standard made out of wood and plexiglass, with a protective layer on the edges where the ship would rest on. I even added an on-scale miniature of the Milennium Falcon on the back of the bridge for fun, and to really capture the scale of how immense a ship the Star Destroyer is.


Now I don’t know about you, but I am happy as hell about how it came out. I just live it. At times it was a pain in the ass to work on. But when I see the endresult, I can only say it was worth all the effort.

It certaibly has been one hell of a project. I hope you enjoy the view as I am doing every day now.








The Avenger Rising (pt1)

Heya people. It’s been a while but I am back.

So in my last post I said I was going to work on a Randy Cooper Star Destroyer model, the Avenger. Well, I received the package in Januari and I have been working on it ever since (with a few sideprojects in between, because that’s how I roll apparently haha)

So after opening the box and checking all the parts, first thing I noticed was there were a lot of bubbles and flash. Now with flash I can work. It’s easy to move when using the right tools. But the bubbles (and sometimes missing details because of it) has left me with a lot more work than anticipated. Anyway, the parts were all there and that’s a relief. So the same day I started putting the lower hull together. And it already was a beast in size. Just for reference…

Yeah that’s a 1,5 liter cola bottle next to it.

So in the following days/weeks/months I have been working on assembling the rest, slowly building up it’s main build into 2 seperate sub-builds, top and bottom. I decided to cut the two brackets (for want of a better word) in two so I could build the top and bottom seperately. I then added a piece of wood that I sawed in the correct shape and measurements on both brackets for extra stability and as an attachement point to permanently glue both sub-builds to. Still have a lot of work to do like filling up gaps and creases because a lot of the parts either don’t align properly or will not fit without a little sanding and scraping, and resulting in smoothing everything out again. and then there’s still more bubbles to fill up.


I’ve also already went ahead a little by adding the mounting walls for the LED’s that will be installed on the inside, and I started detailing the bridge a little more than it already was. One detail I found was missing on this model was that the shield generators are supposed to have these sort of beams around it, which were missing on the casted parts itself, which is understandable, because it would break of at the very least very hard to properly cast. So I added them myself, making the shield generators look a little more complete.

So that’s all I ghave for now. Over the course of the coming days/weeks/months I’ll be recording my further progress with pictures and keep you updated as soon as I have a bunch of new ones. Hopefully this will be soon enough, although progress on this thing is slow and for a reason. I really don’t want to rush things on this, as I want to do it justice at the best of my ability.

That’s it for now, see you next time.



Venator complete

Heya people.

So yesterday I told in my post that I was working on my Venator Class Star Destroyer and that it was almost finished. Well I finished it alriht, and I am super happy with it. personally I think it came out way better than I expected although with a few things I’m still not really happy about. First, I couldn’t get the bridges to be illuminated with fibre optics. The reason for this beings that every time I put the fibre optics in place and wanted to glue the seperate parts of the bridge together, the plastic glue ate away the fibres, so there was no way I was going to either assemble the bridges, or put fibre optics through them without incident. So I chose to have a fully assembled model instead of a detached illuminated bridge. Seems the most obvious choice in the end right? haha.

Second thing (well, things) I’m still not completely happy about are the Republic Navy icons on either side of the ship. But they had to be painted on by hand. I had no decals or any kind of equipment to use as guideline, other than my ”painting experience and eye for detail”. But to be honest, painting straight lines and perfect circles have never been my strongest suit.

Other than that, I am actually quite proud of how it came out. Putting the fibre optics in place was, at times, one hell of a job. But I never got discouraged to keep on going. It had to be done. And pesonally I am really glad with the endresult.

I will be using the same methods I used here for my next project: The Imperial Star Destroyer Avenger, which is designed and made by Randy Cooper. Although the model will be twice as big (34 inched long), I think the size of the fibre optics will be even more appropriate on a model of that size, making the windows look smaller in comparison and giving it a better sense of scale and such.

I hope you guys like it as well. So without further ado, here are the pictures I made of it. Enjoy the view and let me know what you think. Is it a worthy go? And would it be good enough to put into my next project, the Randy Cooper Imperial Star Destroyer Avenger?

Bye bye ^^

Venator re-do

Heya people,

I’m back. Over the past few weeks I have been busy selling all my Warhammer models, boards and miscelania, which now is all gone except for the Primarchs and my Titans (which I spent way too much time and effort in to get rid of and they’re the coolest models I own and painted). So it was time for a new project.

Ever since I was a little kid and saw my first Star Wars movie (which was Return of The Jedi) I’ve always to own my own little Star Destroyer. At first, any model seems fine and fun, but I never was any good at painting. So I never really got to it. Over the past few years, I have improved my skills significantly, learning all kinds of tricks to help improve it even more.

A few weeks back, I found out about a guy named Randy Cooper, who, apparently, is one of the main guys that actually built models of ships that would be used in shooting movies (like Blade Runner, Star Trek and Starship Toopers). I checked out his site, and there it was. The most beautiful, most movie accurate version of the Star Destroyer Avenger I have seen so far. From that point on I knew I had to have it. So I ordered it. Now, as I am still awaiting delivery of the model, I had decided I wanted not only to paint it and give it a nice showbase and such, I also wanted to Illuminate it using LED’s. Truthfully, I have never worked with LED’s before, let alone adding electronics to any kind of model. So a while back, I found this old Revell model of a Venator Class Star Destroyer in the attic.venator-before So I ordered several LED’s with fibre optics of different sizes and I would use this model as my testpiece before I start on the Avenger and mess that up. I started this project about 2 weeks ago. I started out with drilling the holes, stripping the old paint and applying new basic colors, then aging the model and adding some more details, and before I new it, last tuesday I almost finished the model, except for the fact that it was still in it’s seperate sub-builds. And then I received the LED stuff. I went to work right away. I have been working tirelessly on it every single minute of the day I had spare. This is what it looked like after 2 days of work (mind you, the fibre optics are not inserted yet).venator-wipAfter 5 days of work, the ship was nearing completion on painting, I had all the LED’s installed and working. So the last 2 days I have been working on adding the fibre optics. Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of what it looks now. But tomorrow I will be putting the last details on it and then it’s done. I’ve also built more or less some sort of showcase base, which is just a standard built out of multiple things I could get my hands on, with a little specifications card of the Venator Class Star Destroyer. So, If you’re looking forward to see this poject finished, have a little more patience as it is close to completion, and when I finish it, I will be taking pictures of it from all sides to show you guys what I have made out of it.

Hope you liked it so far and you’ll see more very soon.

The end of an Era

Unfortunately I have some sad news. This week I have decided to sell my entire warhammer 40k and horus heresy collection. Over the past months, the hobby has become more of a drag, feeling obligatory, with me adding more umpulsive additions to my collections than usefull or needed ones. The last weeks I have been giving a serious and long thought and ultimately it has culminated in the decision to quit it all entirely. The idea that I woukd keep buying model kits for the hobby with little to no chance of ever using them is one of the reasons, along with costs that come with it. Furthermore, the fun is is no longer there for me. I am doing it more and more just to fill up free time which I have plenty of when I am not working or have other obligations (which I don’t have many of at all) and playing is no longer a key factor within our gaming group. Complaining, discussions and competetive collecting has taken it’s place. And I am not willing to replace fun with all of that. So hereby I bid the hobby I have spent so much time (almost 7 years), money and effort in farewell. And although this hobby stops for me, I am looking around for something new to fill my free time up with. I have found an alternative, although this does not involve miniature wargaming or anything of the like. It will be miniature modelling however. Because of this interest, I will be keeping this blog, but I will rename it, change it’s look and layout, to fit it more widely.


I hope some of you that liked reading my blogs will continue to follow me, but I can understand if you don’t. Anyway, it has been a hell of a ride, but unfortunately it ends here. My collection is spoken for and paid. Somewhwre next week I will ship it off to the buyer and then it’s done. All that will remain in my possession are the Tyranid Hierophant bio-titan, the Chaos Warhound Titan and the Primarchs and other Character series models.

So untill I have my next project up and running, there will be no more posts. But I hope it will not take too long.

Untill we meet again….






Hail the Emperor

Heya people. I’m back.

In my last post I showed you guys the pictures of Kabuki Miniatures’s Celestial Knight AKA The Emperor of Mankind, from package to built model. Well, guess what, I finished painting it a while ago and personally I am very pleased with how he came out.

The model has a lot of delicate details on the armor, from top to toe. His cape also looks very nice. A lot of work in edge-highlighting and even drybrushing, washing and glazing went into the armor. Upon completion I think I used about 12 steps of painting until I was satisfied with the shade of gold and the blending of the colors and such.

The only adjustment I made to the made was swapping it’s original scenic base with the spare one I had lying around from the Horus model I convertd to Abaddon. In the end it gives a cool look when placing Horus and the Emperor towards eachother, as if in some epic stand-off.

Anyways I hope you guys like how it turned out. I am most pleased..



Celestial Knight

Heya people.

Like I promised, there were some exciting things happening (for me that is). Today my order at Kabuki Studio was delivered. A week ago, I ordered their Celestial Knight miniature which, as some of you may already know, represents the God-Emperor of Mankind. Emperor box

Better even, it represents the Emperor in his prime, being in the Horus Heresy. So to start with this, I opened the package and checked the parts. Emperor part

The model is just packed with details, but keeping in mind that his entire armor will be painted in gold, this would give me a lot of edge-highlight work to do. Looking at the models’ parts I also noticed that there were very little to no mouldlines at all (here there some small, but that what you get when casting with moulds and resin). Same goes for flash, which was almost not present, except for the parts were certain parts were close to eachother, like in between the feathers of the eagle and in between his arm and the guard of the sword. Also,included with the model is a base with a round lip and unusual size to Warhammer (which would be used for gametypes like Warmachine and possibly Infinity) and a scenic base of some sort of flight deck or walkway. Overall, the parts look excellent. They were not casted with a block of resin underneath, like I am used to when ordering models from Forgeworld. What you see in the picture is how it is actually delivered.

After all the parts were cleaned up, I started to assemble the model. One of the things you’ll notice when opening the blister as well is that it does not come with an assembly guide of some sort. But the model is so straightforward in building, all the parts are self-explanatory. If need be, check the card/blister front for the exact location of the parts. But I put this model up in under 5 minutes. Once it’s done it really looks awesome. Ball-jointed shoulderjoints allow you to pose the model as you see fit regarding the poses of the arms and the same goes for the head. In his lightning claw is a small slot in which you can attach the foot of the double-headed eagle that comes with it. I personally chose not to attack the eagle, but I still assembled it, just for fun and to show you guys the set in it’s entirety.

I will fill the slot up with some greenstuff and after that he will be basecoated and put into the paintline.

So that’s it for now. I hope you enjoyed this as much as I am still enjoying it. All in all, this is a fantastic model detail-wise, it’s super easy to assemble and it’ll give me a lot of fun painting him. I hope that I can start working on him soon and show you guys how it turned out.

See you in the next post