The Avenger Rising (pt1)

Heya people. It’s been a while but I am back.

So in my last post I said I was going to work on a Randy Cooper Star Destroyer model, the Avenger. Well, I received the package in Januari and I have been working on it ever since (with a few sideprojects in between, because that’s how I roll apparently haha)

So after opening the box and checking all the parts, first thing I noticed was there were a lot of bubbles and flash. Now with flash I can work. It’s easy to move when using the right tools. But the bubbles (and sometimes missing details because of it) has left me with a lot more work than anticipated. Anyway, the parts were all there and that’s a relief. So the same day I started putting the lower hull together. And it already was a beast in size. Just for reference…

Yeah that’s a 1,5 liter cola bottle next to it.

So in the following days/weeks/months I have been working on assembling the rest, slowly building up it’s main build into 2 seperate sub-builds, top and bottom. I decided to cut the two brackets (for want of a better word) in two so I could build the top and bottom seperately. I then added a piece of wood that I sawed in the correct shape and measurements on both brackets for extra stability and as an attachement point to permanently glue both sub-builds to. Still have a lot of work to do like filling up gaps and creases because a lot of the parts either don’t align properly or will not fit without a little sanding and scraping, and resulting in smoothing everything out again. and then there’s still more bubbles to fill up.


I’ve also already went ahead a little by adding the mounting walls for the LED’s that will be installed on the inside, and I started detailing the bridge a little more than it already was. One detail I found was missing on this model was that the shield generators are supposed to have these sort of beams around it, which were missing on the casted parts itself, which is understandable, because it would break of at the very least very hard to properly cast. So I added them myself, making the shield generators look a little more complete.

So that’s all I ghave for now. Over the course of the coming days/weeks/months I’ll be recording my further progress with pictures and keep you updated as soon as I have a bunch of new ones. Hopefully this will be soon enough, although progress on this thing is slow and for a reason. I really don’t want to rush things on this, as I want to do it justice at the best of my ability.

That’s it for now, see you next time.