The end of an Era

Unfortunately I have some sad news. This week I have decided to sell my entire warhammer 40k and horus heresy collection. Over the past months, the hobby has become more of a drag, feeling obligatory, with me adding more umpulsive additions to my collections than usefull or needed ones. The last weeks I have been giving a serious and long thought and ultimately it has culminated in the decision to quit it all entirely. The idea that I woukd keep buying model kits for the hobby with little to no chance of ever using them is one of the reasons, along with costs that come with it. Furthermore, the fun is is no longer there for me. I am doing it more and more just to fill up free time which I have plenty of when I am not working or have other obligations (which I don’t have many of at all) and playing is no longer a key factor within our gaming group. Complaining, discussions and competetive collecting has taken it’s place. And I am not willing to replace fun with all of that. So hereby I bid the hobby I have spent so much time (almost 7 years), money and effort in farewell. And although this hobby stops for me, I am looking around for something new to fill my free time up with. I have found an alternative, although this does not involve miniature wargaming or anything of the like. It will be miniature modelling however. Because of this interest, I will be keeping this blog, but I will rename it, change it’s look and layout, to fit it more widely.


I hope some of you that liked reading my blogs will continue to follow me, but I can understand if you don’t. Anyway, it has been a hell of a ride, but unfortunately it ends here. My collection is spoken for and paid. Somewhwre next week I will ship it off to the buyer and then it’s done. All that will remain in my possession are the Tyranid Hierophant bio-titan, the Chaos Warhound Titan and the Primarchs and other Character series models.

So untill I have my next project up and running, there will be no more posts. But I hope it will not take too long.

Untill we meet again….