Creating the battlefield part 2

Heya guys.

Last time I uploaded a post, I showed you the first piece of a board I am painting that will be mostly used for Horus Heresy games. In this post I will be showing you the next piece of the board. I had a lot of fun painting this, not only because the tile is so detailed and such, but because it came with a small personal challenge. The surface of this board would have to be painted in the same way as the crashed Thunderhawk so that both tiles could be laid next to eachother and not see any difference in shade, texture and such. And I am very pleased to say that it worked out very well.

The piece I am talking about is the Primus Redoubt, redubbed the Iron Redoubt to stay in theme. The surface of the board is, explained, painted in the same theme as the crashed Thunderhawk tile, a desert styled environment. I knew I wanted the bunker itself to be a medium light grey so it could be drybrushed with a light grey so I could give all the edges and detail some extra attention. And don’t think the bunker is just some straight-on, flat surface, because when you would look at the bunker closely, you can easily see the very concrete-like look it has.

This tile has something more than the CT tile, which is a certain amount of craters and piles of rubble. These were painted in a medium grey, washed with black shade and drybrushed with a lighter grey but leaving the inside of the craters untouched, giving the idea that the inside is where the missile/projectile has exploded and the ground has not recovered from it since.

All the metal on the board, like gantries, ventilator shafts and such, were painted in a medium iron metallic, washed blue and drybrushed again with the medium iron metallic, then a soft drybrush of light iron metallic to add more chipping effect to it. Ultimately, the entire bunker was then drybrushed with a very light sandcolor drybrush paint on places whereyou could imagine the wind would have swept up sand and landed on the bunker itself, so mainly the outside of the bunker close to the ground and here and there some patches on the inside, to help give it a nice weathered look, like it’s already been there for a while.

And then there is the ”eyecatcher” of the redoubt, the Double-Barrelled Destructor Cannon. This one is very similar to the one you would find on a Legion Falchion, so very cool.

I painted it in the colors of the Iron Warriors Legion. First painted it in a medium metallic iron, the washed the entire thing blue and drybrushed it back in iron, giving it a nice, cold metal kind of look. Then, I painted the black and yellow hazard stripes on the major ”hull” so it would really stand out from the bunker. Next  painted all the small details like computer and stairs on the side in the same medium metallic iron and, using GW’s glazes and tamiya clear colors, painted the screens themselves in the colors of my desire. Then, I painted the trims in a brass color, washing them with a sepia multiple times untill it was the shade I wnted it to be. This gives it a real nice weathered, old look. Then ultimately, when the entire cannon was completely painted, the last thing to do was decals. I found an old sheet of GW’s Chaos Space Marines decals and took the Iron Warriors emblem from it twice, one for each side. I applied it using Humbrol’s decalfix. Then I took a decalsheet from the Imperial Guard Baneblade set and cut out the number 23. This alsonwas applied using decalfix. After that was dry, I used a brush and a small amount of black paint and covered the edges of the decals, blending it in completely to the model, no edges visible anymore. The cnnon and the bunker are now dedicated to the Iron Warriors Legion, 23rd Grand Battallion.

If you find that the hazard stripes give you some trouble, go check my previous post on the Chaos Warhound dubbed ”Titan from the Warp” I explain how to paint hazard stripes very easily. You van apply them on anything of your liking and this way has helped me a lot. It may take a while but I am sure you will find the endresult most pleasing.

So that’s it. Down here you will find the pictures of the Iron Redoubt. Go check them out, and next time I will be uploading the next parts of the board.

Untill then, enjoy!


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