Frosted Plains

Heya people. It’s been a while again, but I promiss that I keep updating as soon as I have something new.

So recently, I finished a new home made gaming board. This time in a snow-world/habitat theme. 

The terrain that I painted or it are painted in a dark grey colour to really give it a nice contrast, and the way I painted it makes it looks somewhat weathered. Some terrain pieces are painted in a dark, gunmetal colour with a frosted effect on them, and painted some rust effects on some of them as well. 

The Ice spires are painted using a lightgrey basecoat then ”washing” them with a very watered down ice blue colour, then drybrushing them with white paint, finally covering the base with the same white decoration sand used for the rest of the board. 

There’s a lot of terrain on this board. I wanted to give people the idea that this is a forgotten or abandoned resource facility of some sort, hence the big supply containers on the ice field on the left lower tile.

I hope you like the board. It’s been made to accommadate my Chaos Space Marines army, which also all have snow bases.
The only thing left to do is finishing the river, that I want to give it a frozen feel, but maybe just leaving it as water, with bits of moss on the bottom of it.  10527480_10203201981628406_1243193913540500381_n


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