Titan from the Warp

Heya people,

Some of you might remember what I was working on a few months ago. Now, as I was scrolling through my blog yesterday, I noticed that I still hadn’t uploaded pictures of my finished Warhound, called Abominatus Rex. Well, finished… the only thing left is the larger part of the interior of the main hull, but been so busy with too much, I’ve got too distracted to work on that. If that’s finished, pictures of it will, eventually, be uploaded. Anyway, here’s what I got. The entire model, outside the interior, is done and I’m very happy with the result. Had a blast woring on all the little details, from the oozing rust effects to the aged golden trims, and everything else on it. Especially the plasma reactor part on the blastgun was a challenge, because small plasma are fairly easy to paint well using washes and glazes. But with this, I really had to take it to an entire new level because of the size. Really put my effort on trying to create a decent form of energy lighting until I was happy with it. 

hope you like it, because I think it looks awesome.


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