Behold the Illuminator

Hey people.

Next up is Fulgrim, The Illuminator, The Phoenician, Liberator of Chemos, Primarch of the Emperor’s  Children Legion. 

A few things about him: I just loved painting Fulgrim. The details are stunning, most of them really connecting to his Legion. From the wings on his boots and the one on his left shoulder to the small ornamental details on his armour. The model just looks amazing. The only thing I always somewhat disliked about this model is his facial expression. His mouth just looks like he’s ready to give Ferrus some serious head. I really wanted to fix that, but I was afraid that, by doing so, I would screw it up and ruin the head, So I just let it this way and painted it as best I could. 

The other thing I love about the model, which is pretty obvious, is that his base interlocks with Ferrus Manus’ base, showing the epic battle between two of the closest brothers amongst the primarchs during the Istvaan Massacre. 

I tried to paint him somewhat neutral, like I did with Horus, so he can be used both as the Loyal and the Traitor Fulgrim, though the fact the model is wielding the Laer blade already suggest he is already on his road to treachery.


Hope you like him as much as I do.


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