Heresy Warmachine

Heresy Warmachine

Heya people. It’s been a while ago since I last posted something here, but I haven’t forgotten. Much has been going on lately. I am close to completing my Chaos Space Marines army, that I have started repainting about a year ago, and now, it’s almost done!!
In the meanwhile, I have also painted 3 Primarch models, which of pictures I will post soon,
But recently, I have had the idea of possibly starting a Horus Heresy army, and ever sInce I’ve started reading the Horus Heresy Novels, I have been utterly fascinated by the Luna Wolves/Sons Of Horus Legion, mainly because a lot of well-known characters are from that Legion, like Abaddon and ofcourse Horus himself. Since I have a small amount to no money to start it right away, I decided to take measures in my hands in a different way.
Even at this very moment, I am working a Legion Fellblade, as shown above, though mine will be painted in the colors of the Sons of Horus, the sea greean with dark grey and gold.
Literally everything on this bad boy will be scratch-builty, from the main hull to the cannon and cupola, and even the treks/tracks.
So keep an eye out somewhere trhoughout this week, because i Just might finish it in about a few days.
that’s really it for now. Thought I’d keep you guys updated a litle on my project.

see you soon


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