Feeding Grounds

Feeding Grounds

Heya guys,

It’s been a while since my last update, but here it is. Between the new Tyranid release and working on my Warhound Titan, I’ve lately also been working on my new gaming-board. Recently, someone gave me one because he couldn’t use it anymore because of him quitting the hobby. So I had the idea of making a Tyranid Infected forest board. I’ve already painted the board, covering it with NOCH forest flock I got from Conrad and put 8 magnets per individual tile. Then, I put magnets underneath trees i also bought from NOCH, so that, when working with line of sight and stuff, you can easily take the trees off, to check it, or to put models on the spot that are wider than the space between the trees. For now, I have 20 trees magnetized and ready to go, need 20 more, which I will be getting soon enough. Need to get me Nuln Oil wash to finish all the rock parts and hills and then, when that’s all finished, the board is ready to play on. Eventualy, I will be getting some Capillary Towers and Tyranid Brood Nests, the kind Forgeworld used to cast, paint those up in my Hive Fleet colors (Behemoth) and then all that’s left is finishing some Imperial Sector buildings I got lying around so I can switch aa little with terrain for certain custom missions I have in mind.

Aside from that (after I ran out of wash) I thought it was time to update my Tyranids. Not the models themselves, but their bases. Through the years, I have collected quite an amount of Tyranid models, and there have been some changes in themes on my bases. Just the colours of the base and the edge. but now that I am working on my new gaming board, I just loved the theme of it, that I decided to paint every base of every model I have so far in that same theme. So I started 2 days ago and I’m almost done. All that’s left now is a Barbed Hierodule, 126 Hormagaunts and 94 Termagants and I’m done. After that’s done, I can finally start posting some pictures of my Tyranids on this page as well, as I am really hell-bent on getting every done properly. So if you are interested in what my Tyranids look like, keep an eye out on this page, because the infestation is about to make planetfall.

As soon as the gaming board is finished I will be posting some pictures, along with some terrain for it, to give you an idea what it looks like.