Titanic Force

Titanic Force

Yesterday, I received my Chaos Warhound Titan!! finally, after years of wishing for this model, but not having the money for it, I struck a deal at a buy/sell page. Got it for more than half of the original price. Guess I’m pretty lucky with that. Started right away with assembling the model. Everything is now built, with the exception of the torso-on-legs, the left leg-guard, the back and cockpit-cover, so I can basecoat it from within and without, plus the leg-guard will be basecoated in a white/grey colour because this is where the black-and-yellow hazard stripes will be painted on. the rest will be painted in a metal colour (mostly drybrushing it with leadbelcher) and golden trim. All the damaged places on the armour will be surrounded with blast-and-rust effects. But first, I have an idea for the base model. I will be putting a bolt in the belly of the torso and a nut in hte groin, so that I can ”screw” the two seperate body-parts together. In my next blog, I will upload some pictures to let you see my progress.

Oh by the way, the greenish colour on the legs is a layer of liquid greenstuff the previous owner had already painted on the separate parts.


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