Bolted Down

Bolted Down

In my last post, I talked about using a bolt and nut to locking the two seperate body parts of my Warhound Titan together. So here are the promised pictures of my progress so far.
First, I took a drill (yes, an electric. Horrifying, isn’t it?) and made a hole in the body withing the joint where the legs part would fit in. I than took a nut and glued it in there. I had to push it in pretty hard, but I got it in. Next, I used superglue to glue it into place (hoping it will not fail me, ever) and using greenstuff, I sculpted a floor section on top of the nut, so it won’t be visible anymore inside the warhound. Than I made a ”pit” in the groin of the legs and put a bolt in it, filling the gaps underneath the bolt up, than using superglue I glued the bolt into place and then covered it up with Greenstuff, Now it’s just a mtatter of time until it’s hardened out fully. I do hope the greenstuff and the superglue are strong enough to suppert the weight, let alone the legs, because the torso is pretty heavy on itself.


on the picture below, you can see the leg section of the Warhound with the bolt standing out of the groin.


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