Titan from the Warp

Heya guys.
So I thought I’d keep you a little bit updated on my work on my Chaos Warhound Titan. This is what I got so far. The entire torso, along with the weapon mounts, weapons and interior, has been painted with Leadbelcher, the top armour has been washed with Nuln Oil (still need to do the rest). The top armour, cockpit cover and the Leg guards are done. What I did:

76231_10201993743103198_56749521_n 1535752_10201991100197127_1978442496_n

* Painted the armour with Leadbelcher,
* Washed with Nuln Oil
* Painted Trim with 2 layers of Gehenna’s Gold (to make it a nice, even colour,
* Washed trim with Agrax Earthshade
* Washed damage effects with Agrax Earthshade and Nuln Oil, then carefully painting the details within with Bubonic Brown, finally washing it again with Agrax Earthshade.
* Added rust effects using, in order: Typhus Corrosion, Ryza Rust, Agrax Earthshade, AK Interactive’s Rust Effects.
* Drybrushed golden trim with Bleached Bone (yeah, found an old pot of it)
* Put a fair amount of Nul Oil wash into the air vents.


For the typical Iron Warriors Hazard Stripes, I used (in order of usage):
* Basecoat with a light-grey spraypaint,
* Paint armour yellow with 3-4 layers of Flashgitz Yellow
* put Lamenters Yellow Glaze on it (3-4 layers to make it nice and even)
* Black stripes done with the old Abbadon Black basecoat paint

* Stippling Yellow with Ak Interactive’s Rust Effects, when dryb, stipping with Leadbelcher, finally covering it again with a stipping of Rust Effects, to give it a rust and damage effect.
* Add rust effects around damaged areas (see armour rust effects for details)
* Trim painted in Gehenna’s Gold, washed with Agrax Earthshade,with drybrush of Bleached Bone, like above.


For the bone sections I used this (in order of painting)
* Painted bone sections with Zandri Dust,
* Washed with Seraphim Sepia,
* Drybrushed with Karak Stone

So that’s what I got so far. Hopefully tonight, I will be continueing on the main torso, finish washing it, adding the Gehenna’s Gold on the trims and wash that with Agrax Earthshade. I’m thinking about either putting a drybrushed layer of Mephiston Red on the armour parts of the guns, or the black/yellow hazard stripes. Still not sure

For the Bone Spires coming frum the main hull, I will be using the same steps as used on the Bone Sections on the cockpit and back section but adding a drybrush of Ushabti bone, just to add a little more detail and making it a nice transition from dark to light as it goes further up from the armour

Hopefully you will find this helpful if you are thinking about painting your Iron Warriors models.

I’ll keep you guys updated somewhere in the following days on how this project is going.


Comparing old and new

Heya guys. So the new Codex: Tyranids is finally out for sale, and as you might have read in my ast post, I have my print.

After following several rumour sites, Warhammer 40.000 pages on facebook and such, I saw a lot of fellow Tyranids players complain about the new rules, burning the book before they even had them in their hands. It really got me a little negative about the codex without even myself having a print.

Now, right after I came home from the GW near to me, I went straight ahead and started comparing the previous edition to the new codex, and there are some stuff I like, some I think it is a pity they got out, and stuff I simply dislike.

So here’s a list of stuff that has been deleted, changed or stayed the same and added to the new Tyranids rules, going from every model seperate and some rules regarding the models overall, weapons, biomorphs and such. Just to warn you, it’s a long list, so i Understand if you don’t like reading it all. Just to inform, it is listed in order of Tyranid names in the Tyranid Swarm/Wargear section of the Codex:Image

Hive Tyrant: Previous codex, it started with  a set of scything Talons and a Lash Whip and Bonesword, now with 2 sets of Scything Talons. Was, a Mastery Level 1 Psyker (following recent Errata), now Mastery Level 2. BS was 3, now 4. Old Adversary now gives only the Tyrant itself Preferred Enemy instead of all Tyranids within 6” of the Hive Tyrant. Went down 5 points.

The Swarmlord: went up 5 points, Was a Mastery Level 2 Psyker, Now ML3, Standard Warlord trait (synaptic Lynchpin) but gives what the Swarmlord already had: 18” Synapse Range. Further no changes.

Tyrant Guard Brood: This one changed quite a bit, in our favour. Costs went down with 10 points. Starts whith Scything Talons and Rending Claws are added to the profile. Now Tyrant Guards can exchange their Scything talons with not only Lash Whip and Bonesword, but also Crushing Claws, and now can also take Adrenal Glands and Toxin Sacs, and it got an extra Attack.

Old One Eye: This is a surprising change. First of all, this one went from a Heavy Support character to HQ. Went 40 points down in cost, Thresher Scythe Tail biomorph added in profile (which gives an extra strength 4, ap4, rending melee attack). Special rules remain unchanged but Has it’s own Warlord Trait: Adaptive Biology, which gives him Feel No Pain of 5+ after he loses one or more unsaved Wounds.

Tervigon: Went up 35 points. Now has Scything Talons standard in profile. Replacing these with Crushing Claws is 10 points cheaper. Cluster Spines instead of Stinger Salvo is no longer free, now costs 5 points. No further changes to it.

Tyranid Prime: went up a staggering 45 points. No changes in profile. Now can take Flesh Hooks.

Deathleaper: Another shift in Choices is the Deathleaper. Went from Elites to HQ. Stats remain unchanged. Now has Warlord Trait: Mind Eater, which gives Tyranids 2 extra Victory Points for every Independent Character the Deathleaper kills in combat. Went down 10 points in cost. Now has the Fear and Infiltrate special rules.

Tyranid Warrior Brood: Stats, points cost and equipment remain the same. Now may also take Flesh Hooks.

Genestealer Brood: Points, Stats, standard and add-able Equipment remain the same. Only now you can ADD a Broodlord for 60 points instead of UPGRADING a Genestealer. Broodlord knows only 1 standard Psychic Power.

Termagant Brood: Went down 1 point, Adrenal glands and Toxin Sacs went up costing 1 point more, Devourer 1 point cheaper. Additionaly, now you need to take a full 30-model unit to make the Tervigon a troop choice.

Hormagaunt Brood: Went down 1 point, stats and special rules remain the same, Toxin Sacs cost 1 point more.

Ripper Swarm Brood: went up 3 points, Spinefists are 1 point cheaper, Toxin Sacs went 2 point up. Stats remain the same.

In addition, Mycetic Spores have been deleted completely from the Codex, so no more Drop Army Lists :(.

Hive Guard Brood: BS went up with 1, Went up 5 points in cost. New Shockcannon available, and can take Adrenal Glands and Toxin Sacs, which it could not in the previous edition.

Lictor Brood: 15 points cheaper, Stats unchanged, now has Infiltrate and Fear.

Zoantrope Brood: 10 points cheaper, now has the Brotherhood of Psykers and Psychic Brood (which allows Zoanthropes to fire blast markers of Warp Blast equal to the number of Zoanthropes in the Brood) Is now Mastery level 2 Psyker.

Venomthrope Brood:10 Points cheaper, BS went down with 1. In addition to the Spore Cloud 5+ Cover Save, he also gives Tyranid units within 6” Shrouded special rule.

Haruspex: New unit, so no changes 😛

Pyrovore Brood: 5 points cheaper, Wounds, Initiative and Attack all went up with 1. Now has W3, I2, A2.

Tyranid Shrike Brood: 5 points cheaper, No real additional changes, except the ability to take Flesh Hooks.

Ravener Brood: no longer has Move Through Cover and Acute Senses special rules. 1 attack less, but the Pair-Of-Weapons rule makes up for that. In addition, The Red Terror is back as a Unique Leader Beast in a Ravener Brood for 85 points. Only 1 may be taken per Tyranid Army.

Sky-Slahes Swarm: went up 3 points cost. Stats remain the same. spinefists are 1 point cheaper, toxin sacs 1 point up.

Gargoyle Brood: Points, Stats, equipment and special rules remain the same. Adrenal Glands and Toxin Sacs went up 1 point in cost. Has the new Instinctive behavior- Hunt.

Harpy: 25 points cheaper, 1 Wound more (now 5 wounds) and 1 attack more (now 3 Attacks). has the new Instinctive behavior – Hunt.

Hive Crone: New unit.

Spore Mine Cluster: went down 5 points per model. No ”Orbital Bombardment” special rule anymore, replaced by Deep Strike.

Carnifex: is 40 point cheaper! Now Initiative 2, 1 Attack less, which the Pair-Of-Weapons rule makes up more than enough, and is able to take Tail weapons, like in 3rd edition codex.

Biovore: 5 points cheaper, 1 wound more (now 3 wounds), 1 Attack more (now 2 Attacks) and 1 Initiative more (now Initiative 2).

Trygon: 10 points cheaper, 1 attack less, which the Pair-Of-Weapons more than makes up for, and now can take Tail weapons which give an extra attack.

Trygon Prime: Now has its’s own slot instead of being an upgrade option for the Trygon. Overall went down 10 points, 1 attack less, which the Pair-Of-Weapons more than makes up for, and now can take Tail weapons which give an extra attack. Bio-electric pulse and Containment Spines have been merged to 1 weapon which gives a a total of 12 shots, instead of the Containment Spines and Bio-Electric Pulse together giving 18. So a loss of 6 crucial shots.

Mawloc: 30 points cheaper, Stats, equipment and special rules remain the same but because the Mawoc has 2 sets of scything talons, the Pair-Of-Weapons rule gives him 2 additional attack, and is able to add a Tail weapon, for a total of 6 attacks, which is better than the 3 standard attacks. Also his ”Terror from the Deep” special rule got better, using the Large Blast template twice if you fail to kill enemy models underneath the first time.

Exocrine: new unit, no changes noteable.

Tyrannofex: (don’t get startled) 75 Points CHEAPER!!!. Stats and standard equipment remain the same, but the standard Thorax Electroshock Grubs have been removed. Now available through the Thorax Biomorph list. Rupture Cannon points went up 15 points, Fleshborer Hive got 5 points cheaper, and lastly, has a lot more choice in Biomorphs.

All in all, I think, looking at the units overall, they have gotten better. Nice Additions like the Red Terror and the new GW kits, fun changes in some of the model-specific special rules and some rules that make up for some losses like the loss of an attack or something like that.

In the next post, I’ll be looing at changed special rules regarding how they effect units on the field.

Hope you find all this very irforming

Tyranid wave Beta

Tyranid wave Beta

Finally, of reading rumours for months and after waiting a week after GW’s confirmation of the new Tyranids Codex and new models, I got my print of the Codex, along with the Tyranids Psychic Powers cards and the new Haruspex/Exocrine set.
I have already built the Haruspex from the set. I’ll be basecoating it in a while and start painting it right after that.
Now, all I have to do is test-play the new codex. I’m really excited and curious how the new rules work out.
Is there anyone out there that has already battled with the new Codex: Tyranids? if so, let me know what you think about the new rules being played out and how it is better or worse from the previous edition Codex.

Bolted Down

Bolted Down

In my last post, I talked about using a bolt and nut to locking the two seperate body parts of my Warhound Titan together. So here are the promised pictures of my progress so far.
First, I took a drill (yes, an electric. Horrifying, isn’t it?) and made a hole in the body withing the joint where the legs part would fit in. I than took a nut and glued it in there. I had to push it in pretty hard, but I got it in. Next, I used superglue to glue it into place (hoping it will not fail me, ever) and using greenstuff, I sculpted a floor section on top of the nut, so it won’t be visible anymore inside the warhound. Than I made a ”pit” in the groin of the legs and put a bolt in it, filling the gaps underneath the bolt up, than using superglue I glued the bolt into place and then covered it up with Greenstuff, Now it’s just a mtatter of time until it’s hardened out fully. I do hope the greenstuff and the superglue are strong enough to suppert the weight, let alone the legs, because the torso is pretty heavy on itself.


on the picture below, you can see the leg section of the Warhound with the bolt standing out of the groin.

Titanic Force

Titanic Force

Yesterday, I received my Chaos Warhound Titan!! finally, after years of wishing for this model, but not having the money for it, I struck a deal at a buy/sell page. Got it for more than half of the original price. Guess I’m pretty lucky with that. Started right away with assembling the model. Everything is now built, with the exception of the torso-on-legs, the left leg-guard, the back and cockpit-cover, so I can basecoat it from within and without, plus the leg-guard will be basecoated in a white/grey colour because this is where the black-and-yellow hazard stripes will be painted on. the rest will be painted in a metal colour (mostly drybrushing it with leadbelcher) and golden trim. All the damaged places on the armour will be surrounded with blast-and-rust effects. But first, I have an idea for the base model. I will be putting a bolt in the belly of the torso and a nut in hte groin, so that I can ”screw” the two seperate body-parts together. In my next blog, I will upload some pictures to let you see my progress.

Oh by the way, the greenish colour on the legs is a layer of liquid greenstuff the previous owner had already painted on the separate parts.

A word of Introduction

Hello visitors to this blog.

This is my first blog ever and to all who are reading this, thank you for taking the time to visit.

First, I believe, an introduction is in order.

My name is Pascal (from this point on known as TheHiveLord.) I am from the Netherlands, born in Februari 1991 (at this point I am still 22). I have been thinking about keeping up a blog around my hobbies. And this blog will be containing pictures on my biggest and dearest hobby so far: Warhammer 40.000. I play with Tyranids and Iron Warriors Chaos Space Marines, and in the time coming, I will be uploading pictures and a few videos on my projects concerning building, converting and painting models for my two armies. There may even be some short stories around my creatures and soldiers that I’m planning on writing that will eventually be uploaded here. Long story short, everything that has to do with my Tyranids and Iron Warriors will be posted here.

Aside from this, I have a small army of Tau Empire and Space Marines: Raven Guard, but I am planning on selling them for the purpose of financing expansions of my favorite armies, which are, you guessed it, Tyranids and Chaos Space Marines.

About my armies:

Chaos Space Marines:

Size: 14,846 points, Colourscheme: Iron Warriors. Containing numerous GW models, a few Forgeworld models and since a few days, a Warhound Titan.


Size: around 18,400. Colourscheme: Hive Fleet Behemoth/Splinterfleet of… Containing numerous GW models, a decent amount of FW models and a Hierophant Bio-Titan and Barbed Hierodule.

I hope that you as reader will like my blog, as fellow hobbyist can use anything on painting and converting steps I use, or as searcher, find inspiration for your own works.

My sincere greetings, and hopefully you will see my first actual blog update about my armies soon.